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About Us

We want you to know a little bit more about us. The founder/ owner of Creation Iron Design has been dedicated since 2003, when he had just begun his career with welding after coming from his country. He worked hard over the years and finally opened a location in 2009, what we now proudly call Creation Iron Design & Fire Escape Repair. With a little over 20 years of experience we've helped repair Fire Escapes, exterior/ interior railings, fences, balconies, staircases and so much more. 

For over a decade we've striven to provide the best quality of steel for all parts of Massachusetts. Certainly, with years of experience around our belt we work diligently & efficiently to provide the best service to contractors, homeowners & private residentials. 

We're licensed to inspect and certify your fire escape by the provisions of the Massachusetts State Building Code, Chapter 1001.3.3.  Certification is required every 5 years by a Massachusetts Registered Professional Licensed Fire Escape Installer or acceptable to the Building Official.

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