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The Benefits of Painting Your Fire Escape

Most buildings in the Greater Boston Area & many other cities around MA. have fire escapes, as an essential part of a building's emergency evacuation. Every fire escape is required to be well maintained, in accordance with Section 1001.3.2. A fire escape should be regularly inspected, to ensure the system is in a condition to be used safely in case of an emergency. Emergencies are never pre-planned, so ensuring you're fire escape factuality is important for every building.

Why Paint Your Fire Escape?

Though painting and/or scrapping a fire escape is not required to certify your structure, there is many benefits to painting. Fire escape is essentially made of steel iron, wrought iron, or even cast iron, these fire escapes are typically located in the exterior of a building, either in the front, side, or back of the building. Due to weathering, corrosion naturally occurs throughout the years of wear and tear.

The Benefit of Paint:

Hiring a great fire escape company is a major key factor, ensuring that a company has your safety in mind. Hiring a professional is essential when painting any fire escape & when compared to the extensive benefits painting your egress offers, the cost will be overlooked. Applying quality paint ensures the integrity of

the fire escape is maintained, a coat of paint will protect the structure from corrosion occurring too soon. Painting the structure gives it an extra layer of protection and strength, and what better way to maintain your fire escape & boost the visual appeal to your gorgeous building than to paint your structure with the color you desire.

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