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How Often Should a Fire Escape Be Inspected?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

1001.3.2 Testing and Certification.

All exterior bridges, steel or wooden stairways, fire escapes and egress balconies shall be examined and/or tested and certified for structural adequacy and safety every five years, by a registered design professional, or others qualified and acceptable to the building official; said professional or others shall then submit an affidavit to the building official.

Why is it important to regularly inspect your fire escape?

Adheres To State Laws

According to State laws fire escapes must be inspected every 5 years. A certification must be filed & submitted with the corresponding building official/ department. Failure to comply with fire escape State Laws may be subject to penalties and/or liabilities if in case of fire escape accident.

Your Safety Matters

Every fire escape should be inspected, tested, and certified to ensure the structure is safely secure to serve its sole purpose. A fire escape's sole purpose is to provide safety for emergency events, like a safe evacuation route.

Why Trust Us with You Safety?

Creation Iron Design's experts will certify your fire escape with your safety in mind.

Creation Iron Design has helped hundreds of homeowners, & commercial owners bring their fire escape up-to code for over 2 decades now. We're here to help you fix any violations notices you may have received from the city. Whether you need a new fire escape for your building, or just a few repairs and/or inspections on your existing fire escape, we are the Fire Escape Company YOU need. Contact us for any additional information, we're here to service your needs. Reach our expert right away: (617) 461-6827

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