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A fire escape is a crucial element of building safety, providing a designated route for occupants to evacuate quickly and safely in the event of a fire. Without a fire escape, occupants may become trapped inside a burning building, leading to injuries or fatality.

Our professionals are trained to conduct Fire Escape Inspections, to identify potential hazards. If your fire escape requires repairs, our crew will be able to conduct all fire escape repairs needed to bring your egress up to code. 

We perform all fire escape repairs, including rust removal, replacement of damaged parts (ex: treads, structural brackets etc.), replacement of bolts, scrape, & paint. Contact us for more information on fire escape repairs.

This may include replacing or reinforcing metal components, repairing or replacing worn or damaged steps or landings, and ensuring that all bolts, & screws are secured correctly to ensure the fire escape is properly reinforced. The repair process may also involve repainting the fire escape to prevent further damage. Overall repairs are crucial to ensure it meets safety codes and regulations.

Fire Escapes:

Contact Us

Contacting us is the first step to check the safety of your fire escape.

Schedule on-site Visit

Our crew will perform on-site visit and take notes of all repairs needed.

Our Specialist Complete Repairs

All repairs will be 100% complete! 



After all repairs have been completed a final inspection is done by a building inspector. We provide a certification to the owner & a filed copy to the Building Department. 

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